What you Have to Know about Wrongful Death Involving a Police Officer

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It is devastating for the family to lose a loved one owing to wrongful death. It is unimaginable to deal with the loss, and pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit only adds to their anxiety. Giving justice to the passing of your family member is still important. You can ease this stressful process with the help of a wrongful death lawyer in California.

Can you Take Legal Action against the Police for your Loved One’s Wrongful Death?

It is the sworn duty of the cop to serve and protect the communities where he or she patrols. In some cases, however, police work can also be chaotic, leading to breaches of civilian rights and negligent actions. These instances can bring about injuries and demises.

If proven, those who lost a family member due to a police officer’s negligence are entitled to file a lawsuit to recover compensation for lost companionship, pain and suffering, and other damages. Determining liabilities will still be tricky for the court because police officers are usually in dangerous circumstances and should make split-second choices concerning the use of lethal force.

You also have to file this kind of lawsuit against either the jurisdiction or city of the concerned police department. Employees such as police officers may get qualified immunity in personal injury claims provided that a willful breach of the established regulation is not there. A cop can also have immunity from this form of lawsuit if, say, one is killed when they property use techniques their department has approved.

The court decisions rely on available evidence and facts. Building wrongful death cases are often fraught with complication when law enforcement officers are involved in it. Nevertheless, the family member of the victim is entitled to have their day in court.

Consider Working with an Attorney

Financial compensation cannot really make up for your loss, but hiring a lawyer could just mitigate the impact of what you have been through by helping you get the settlement amount you deserve.

A law firm or an attorney can help you right through the legal process, and get a measure of justice. They will handle important tasks, like securing medical documentation, tracking pieces of evidence, and obtaining police reports. They are here to give you the best possible legal representation in your life’s most difficult time.

For inquiries, get in touch with a law firm or a wrongful death lawyer today.

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