What to Consider When Finding an Electronic Signage Solution

Electronic signage includes technologies such as LED walls, LCD and projection screens used to display videos, directions, webpages, digital photos, marketing messages or restaurant menus. Digital signage works in different environments to offer messaging, outdoor advertising, marketing, and wayfinding services.

If you are keen on implementing electronic signage, then you can click here to explore your options. Before choosing the best signage solution provider, however, you might want to consider some things, including the following.

  • The number of screens you wish to install;
  • The form of content or information you will display; and,
  • Your budget.

When you are prepared to start your project with digital signage, you will have to look at many areas.

  • Installation: Your signage installation service partner will survey the site and will be part of your project until the last stage.
  • Hardware: Some of the equipment units used as part of digital signage are supporting tools such as wiring, internet lines, and mountings, plus digital screens.
  • Software: For the media player you will use, you will need device management and content management systems.
  • Network: The network infrastructure includes the ways in which you will connect the signage to other systems, like hard lines or Wi-Fi.
  • Digital Information: This includes the thing that you will display on and convey through digital screens.

Professionals should plan and execute electronic signage projects, particularly if there is a complicated scope in your project. Your installation partner should identify how feasible your objectives are, recommend the appropriate technology for these and confirm the setup is proper.

Electronic Signage Software

More than just choosing the best hardware for your project, you will require software tools for displaying your information. A CMS (content management system) is among the simplest tools you can utilize to sort out and display your content. WordPress is a popular CMS option. According to the system you are considering, you will also be given the choice of utilizing media player application.

Think about your display network’s scope. For projects including displays in many different places, device management software will provide you with control of the network remotely.


Several businesses do not use digital signage thinking it is too costly, but technological advances have reduced expenses of solutions like LED walls, making these attainable for them.

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