Myths About The Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

This is a crucial time where the right information at the right time and place can help in combating and stopping the further rampant spread of the coronavirus. Misinformation and fake news seems to be giving the coronavirus a run for its money, when it comes to how quick it spreads. Today we take a look at the myths and wrong information that is floating about on the internet and even published by some media outlets!

Myth No.1 Coronavirus Cannot Be Transmitted In Hot And Humid Climates

There is a belief that the virus will die out and won’t spread because the heat would kill it. This is wrong! The evidence shown so far has seen equatorial countries being hit by the infectious disease and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down one bit! Take precautions irrespective of where you stay or live. Be sure to wash your hands and wear face masks whenever you are outside. You can get low cost and affordableface mask at

Myth No.2 Cold And Tundra Weather Cannot Kill The COVID-19 Virus

Again, there is no evidence to prove that cold weather doesn’t kill the virus. Be sure to follow basic hygiene etiquette such as washing your hands and not touching your face. If you are outside and can’t get hold water and soap, then use an alcohol-based sanitizer and use it frequently!

Myth No.3 Sitting In A Sauna Kill The Virus

Yet again, it is only a myth. Taking a hot shower or sitting for long in a sauna does nothing to kill the virus. Your body temperature will lie in the range of 36.5°C to 37°C, and this is not enough to kill the virus. Boiling temperatures beyond 100°C can incapacitate and kill the virus!

Myth No.4 The COVID-19 Virus Can Be Transmitted Via Mosquitoes

This is false, as there is no evidence to say that the coronavirus can be transmitted via mosquitoes. It is a respiratory virus that is spread primarily by means of aerial respiratory droplets, or from the saliva droplets or the mucous discharge from the nose. When these airborne droplets come in contact with your eyes, nose or your mouth it causes you to catch the disease as well

All in all these are some of the misconceptions and false news that is being spread, so be aware of your surrounding and get your news only from credible sources such as the WHO, CDC or your national health agency!

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