Marketing Platforms That Do Not Cost you a Dime

Market Online

You perhaps do not have enough money to invest in marketing when you are just starting your business. However, this does not mean you have no ways to make your brand noticeable online. There are various sorts of opportunities on the internet – you only have to know in which areas to look. Read on for four ways to market online that will not cost your business a penny.


Embrace Social Networking Websites

Social media is among the tools to get exposure, and investing time on it has become essential for all businesses. You can connect advertisements and special deals on your business’s Facebook account, and thereby have a channel with customers on the microblogging platform Twitter. Networking through LinkedIn, at both company and personal levels, can be a different way to strengthen your startup marketing efforts.

Use These Business Listing Services

Adding your business to Google Places enables to find the former in a more easy way on the search engine company’s other services. You only need to fill out Google’s web form to register your business, and then have it verified by the search engine. You can do the latter process with a snail mail or telephone call. Yahoo! has a business database known as Yahoo! Local. Listing your business in the Yahoo! database is free, and it is worth your time to do so. Microsoft Bling too has such a service where it is easy to register your business.

Put Multimedia Content on Flickr and YouTube

The video-sharing platform YouTube gives you a free method to distribute promotional content. Be sure to make those promotional videos as creative as possible. To succeed, however, you must also post videos that individuals wish to see and that are applicable to your online business. In other words, a simple advertisement will not do the trick for you. A Flicker account can help you by giving a single place to bring together all the photographs for that business, and enables linking back to its website.

Online Press Releases

Whenever your business performs something worthy of news, do not hesitate to make it public over the internet. Press releases are a powerful tool to utilize for publicity, plus it is an additional perk to have a free website to distribute these materials. You can pick from numerous websites to distribute press releases.

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