Google Panda and Things you Should Remember about it for SEO

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Google Panda update affected the performance of many websites. It evaluates the website on the grounds of quality of the content. The pages having high quality-content naturally acquire the best rankings and the opposite happens if the quality is questionable. It relies on your on-page optimization. Below is a discussion by Falcon Marketing on how Google Panda affects your page.

Things That Activate the Panda

Thin content: This does not mean content with lesser number of words. For instance, type in a question like “when is world environment day?” in Google’s inquiry bar and see what appears first. The site scans the date and after that just mentions the date. It is not recommended to be too brief either, however. It is best to make sure you give a quick response to the client’s question.

Low-Quality Content

This implies content that lies below the standard required to publish on the internet. It also includes incorrectly formatted text, with grammatical errors, big or out-of-place pictures, and a layout that does not contribute to a client’s experience. Generally, it means anything that does not ensure comfortable reading for clients. You need to make their visits to your sites a lively experience.

Unhelpful, Untrustworthy Content:

The type of content that does not aid the clients who discovered it or causes disrespect will also cause negative impact with the Google Panda. Google does not tolerate inadequacy and cheating. The best thing to do is to spread a positive message.

Duplicate Text

It’s usually known as “duplicate content”. Note that Panda is against copied pieces of content. Pictures can be used again with permission and videos are reasonable too(aside from on YouTube). However, content is the section where you have to be cautious. It’s allowed to reuse little bits of content as statements. This is possible given that you appropriately mark them as statements in the setting. Reusing content and claiming it as your unique work, is a red flag. In case a page does that on a certain number of pages, Panda will take appropriate action against you.

Article Spinning

This involves copied content made by simply changing the content from another website. Useful content should be unique, and spinning usually brings down the content’s quality.

Way to Recover

If you are sure that Google Panda struck your website, you need to change your content’s quality for the only chance of improvement. You need to publish content that deserves approval from Google.

Make sure you keep the above factors in mind regarding Google Panda when dealing with content for SEO.

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