Everything you Want to Know about Asscher Diamond Cut

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Are you searching for a diamond, which will look unique on your girlfriend’s finger? If you are, consider the Asscher cut diamond ring. This diamond cut was very popular during the Art Deco era. Since then, it tapered off in popularity, only to come back in recent years. Today, it is rare enough that it catches the eye.

Is the Asscher cut just a square-shaped emerald cut diamond?

The answer is yes and no. The cut was created in the early 20th century. Back then this diamond was basically square like an emerald with up to 58 facets. However, decades later and with technological advancements, the Asscher diamond received an upgrade. The Royal Asscher Cut introduced in the early noughties decade has 74 facets, which give the diamond more sparkle.

So how does the modern Asscher cut and emerald cut diamond differ? The latter has a big and open table, plus it is more flat on the top. The former has a smaller table, a higher crown, a deeper pavilion, and larger step cut facets. This makes it more brilliant compared to its emerald cut cousin.

Clarity and Color Are Easily Revealed

A step cut diamond has an open table, which allows you to see the depth of the stone. As such, any hues or internal imperfections are easily noticeable. It is okay to buy a brilliant cut diamond with lower clarity grade and lower color grade because the light bouncing off of facets will mask its imperfections. Lower clarity and color grades mean a relatively lower-priced diamond. However, you do not get this benefit with a step cut stone. It is best to select one with slightly higher clarity and color grades.

A step-cut diamond is one with step cut facets that run along its width and length in parallel lines, like the steps of a pyramid. The Asscher is one of the cuts in the diamond step-cut family, the others being baguette and emerald cuts.

For an Asscher diamond weighing one carat and below, it is best you go for at least ‘H’ color grade and ‘VS2’ clarity grade. For bigger carats, you will want to choose better grades.

Who It is Best For

Many love the diamond cut for the unique sparkle it has, plus the old-world glamour that it exudes. It is perfect for those who are classy and elegant, but like to wear statement pieces. What do you think? Give your response here about this sparkling stone.

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