Maintenance Tips for a Safe Motorcycle Ride

Motorcycle Accident
Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

Motorcycle accident on Californian roads is frequent because of the large number of people using two-wheelers. There are large numbers of people who suffer serious injuries in motorcycle accidents that happen in the state every year. The death toll due to such accidents is also very high. It can be noted that many times the accident is caused because of the poor maintenance of the motorcycle. Whether the motorcycle is used regularly or rarely, it is important to maintain the vehicle properly, to ensure safety on the road.

Here are some important maintenance tips for motorcycles to ensure a safe ride on the road.

Check Oil Regularly

The oil checkup for your vehicle must be done regularly. The oil must be changed once a year for a normal motorcycle. However, if the motorcycle is being used frequently for long trips, you must do it more often. Ensure that the old oil is completely drained and cleaned. If you ride on your motorcycle through desert and hilly areas, it should be considered more seriously.

It is also very important to ensure that the chain is lubricated properly. It is the drive chain, which plays a crucial role in transferring the engine power to the wheels. Improper lubrication of the chain can lead to fatalities on the roads.

Check Tires and Filters

The tires help the motorcycle to run smoothly on the road. If the tires are defective, there is a very high chance for the vehicle to slip on the road. Before you embark on your journey, see that the tire pressure is meeting the standards. Also, make sure that the tires have not suffered wear and tear, which may affect the ride.

Ensuring the proper and efficient work of the air filter is also necessary or else the work of the engine will not be effective. A dirty air filter of the motorcycle can also cause accidents on the road.

Check Battery and Brakes

Properly charged batteries are essential for a safe journey on the road. This is more important when the journey is a long distance one. You may use a trickle charger to keep the battery healthy and charged. Also, ensure that the brakes are working efficiently. The brake fluid must be changed at regular intervals for the proper functioning of the brake system. The check-up of the brake pads is also important and they must be replaced before it is completely worn out.

Follow these tips to have a safe trip on your motorcycle.

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