How to Ride your Motorcycle with a Pillion Rider on?

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Moving around with your motorcycle at your own comfort on a free and smooth road is an emotion for many of those riders out there. At times, you may wish for the presence of anyone closer to ride along with you in the bike as a pillion rider. However, this whole idea of taking anybody along with you will turn out to be a more responsible chore, as far the motorcyclist is concerned.

Size, Protection and Age

One needs to look up deep into the state laws to check the minimum age of the passenger who is riding with you. Furthermore, they must be willing to wear full protective gear and must reach the footrest. Above all that, they must be an active passenger. Other significant measures include all those things required as for any other riding such as brightly colored helmets and jackets, reflective strips and the likes. Wearing heavier material can be safer for the riders. Moreover, you may give directions on how to hold on to while riding.

Cautious While Leaning and Mounting

These are the major two characteristics of riding in a motorcycle which have to be dealt with by both the riders very seriously, as an improper leaning and mounting can cause great havoc. It will be difficult to control the motorcycle if the pillion rider is leaning to the opposite side or not at all leaning when you are on any turns. Getting on and off the bikes must also be done with the permission of the rider to avoid any falling over.

Equip Your Bike

These extra facilities equipped on the motorcycles can make your pillion secure and feel more comfortable. One of such major things could be the footrest. Moreover, they must be anyhow reached by the passenger. The extra load must be balanced by adjusting the tire pressure and suspension of your bike. Considering the weight limitations given in the owner’s manual can be helpful.

Never Forget the Safety Procedures

Get used to wearing protective gears, which are deemed mandatory. While riding, you may firmly place your feet on the footrest and must have a decent grip on the rider. Extra care must be taken to stay away from any moving or hot parts. Never make any sudden moves or merely turn around that disturbs the focus of the rider.

Ultimate, while another person is riding on the back seat of your motorcycle, you may have to handle the vehicle properly considering its brakes and acceleration. Furthermore, unlike a passive passenger of the car, the pillion rider must be more alert and understanding prior to hitting the road to avoid any potential motorcycle accident.

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