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Motorcycle riders will know the feeling of riding on two wheels on the open road. Unluckily, there are many other drivers, who are distracted or do not pay attention while driving close to motor cycles, leading to serious accidents.

If you were in a motorcycle accident that was caused by some other person’s negligence, you will need to seek help of a motorcycle accident attorney to claim compensation. If you are badly injured in the accident, you will face expensive medical bills and very long recovery times in which you cannot work. This is why you become eligible for compensation.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

No matter how safe you ride on your motorcycle, there can be many factors leading to accidents. Below are a few causes of motorcycles accidents in LA.

Inattentive Drivers

As motorcycles have low profile when compared to trucks and cars, it can be difficult for trucks and cars to see. This is especially true in the case of drivers who are not paying attention to the surroundings. Every year, thousands of motorcycle accidents are caused in the state of California because of inattentive drivers turning in front of motorcycles.

Poor Communication

Usually, motorcycle riders travel together in groups. However, these groups should practice very good communication so that they can avoid riders colliding into each other or running into each other’s lane.

Road Hazards

It is the responsibility of the state and the local government to keep the roadways free from hazards. Roads should be free from potholes, loose gravel, or asphalt, as it can be really dangerous for riders.

Helmet Laws in California

The state of California has a universal helmet law, meaning that all riders should wear helmets while riding motorcycles. Recent statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) proves that using a helmet cut down the risk of serious injuries to head and death resulting from the injuries in the event of a motorcycle accident by 29 percent.

As per NHTSA reports, more than four hundred people are killed in motorcycle accidents every year. Even though motorcycle riders use helmets and all sorts of protective riding gears, they do not have the protection of seat belts, airbags, and the metal frame of cars. This makes motorbike riders at a risk of suffering life-threatening injuries at the event of an accident.

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