A Brief Guide About Motorcycle Accident In California

Motorcycle Injury Attorney
Motorcycle Injury Attorney
Motorcycle Injury Attorney

California has one of the highest numbers of motorcycle accidents in the US. Having said that, it also has some of the best routes for riding in the whole country due to the diversity in its geography. Besides, the state has motorcyclist-friendly laws compared to the other states in the country. If you are someone involved in a motorcycle accident, then you must contact a California motorcycle accident lawyer for the legal proceeding, and the purpose of this article is to guide you with this.

What Are The Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries?

Listed below are the most common motorcycle accident injuries in the state of California.

  • Fractured Bones: Collarbone, arms, legs, and rib cage bones are the most broken.
  • Knee And Leg Injuries: Ankle and knee injuries due to damaged ligaments are quite common in motorcycle accidents.
  • Burns: First, second, and third-degree burns are suffered by the victims involved in motorcycle accidents.
  • Head And Neck Injuries: Motorcyclists involved in accidents suffer from whiplash, concussions, and spinal cord damage.
  • Chest Injuries: The most common chest injury due to motorcycle accidents is broken ribs puncturing lungs.

What Are The Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents?

The common statement from motorists involved in motorcycle accidents is that they did not see the motorcycle. Due to this, motorcycles present a unique problem for motorcyclists, as well as for other drivers on the road. The other reasons for motorcycle accidents include inattentive drivers, speeding, reckless driving or riding, and hazards on the road. Above all, motorcyclists must exercise caution when riding, as they have a higher risk of getting injured in an accident because they are exposed. Furthermore, if you are a motorcyclist injured in an accident due to careless or reckless driver or motorcyclist, you must consult a motorcycle injury attorney.

What Are The Damages That You Are Entitled To From A Motorcycle Accident?

A motorcycle injury attorney can help injured motorcyclists to get compensation for injuries from the at-fault driver.

Listed below are the damages that a motorcyclist can collect from a motorcycle accident.

  • Personal Injury Claim: A motorcyclist can file a personal injury claim through his/her insurance agency against that of the at-fault driver’s. Both sides will examine the case and settle for compensation agreeable to both sides. This is more suitable for normal injuries and damages.
  • Claims That Can Be Demanded: Medical expenses, property damage, ongoing treatment, loss of wage claim, wrongful death, pain and suffering.

You must have an experienced motorcycle injury attorney for filing a personal injury claim or personal injury lawsuit in California.

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