5 Things to Do Right after a Bike Accident

Motorcycle Accident
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Motorcycle accidents can be very dangerous, but for people surviving one, the things they do immediately after can decide their legal situation in the weeks and months to come. It can be hard to approach events logically while simultaneously regaining your physical and mental bearing. Keeping the following things in mind can help you maintain an air of alarmed innocence, which would help in fending of liability for the motorcycle accident.

Check for Injuries

See what injuries were sustained by each person involved in the accident. Call 911, if anyone is hurt. Do not hesitate thinking this would draw liability onto you, because it will not.

Take Photos First

Make sure that the accident scene is safe enough to take pictures (that moving around will not cause more damage, or risk anyone’s safety), and do just that. Take pictures from as many angles as possible, documenting the involved vehicles, as well as the ambient environment.

Move the Bike off the Road

Your bike may be resting hazardously after the crash, in which case you should move it as soon as you are able; get help from bystanders in doing this. Get yours as well as the other vehicle off the path of oncoming traffic, and set up a way for approaching drivers to know there has been a crash. If any further injury or damage occurs because you neglected to do this, you could be held liable.

Collect Information

If you did not call for medical assistance, call the police department, and wait for an office to arrive and make a report. The details get officially recorded this way, and your legal rights stay protected, as do your chances at potential damage compensation. Make sure you have the other driver’s information, the officer’s badge number, the VINs, and the needed insurance information.

Call your Insurance Provider

After collecting yourself physically, call up your insurance agent and tell them exactly what happened. Do not make any admissions or even implications of fault. If your insurance agent asks about your injuries, tell them you have yet to see the doctor, and for the motorcycle, say the same about a mechanic.

Do not underestimate the damages you stand to gain in the specific instance; many accident injury lawyers say that staying patiently silent for a while could get you some really pleasant results.

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