What Exactly is Fair Compensation for Motorcycle Accident

Motor Accident Lawyers
Motorcycle Accident Compensation

Getting in a motorbike accident can be quite expensive. Healthcare, insurance, as well as other “out of pocket” costs, can leave a financial burden upon the injured victims’ family. They can get fair compensation for damages by having experienced motor accident lawyers fight on their behalf.

Several categories of damages should be considered in personal injury cases. Three main ones the court will consider are as follows.

  • Property Damages: The first type of damages that would come to people’s mind is those to their motorbike itself. It can be repaired; otherwise, the insurer may deem it a write-off. A total loss occurs when the required cost to repair the motorbike exceeds its own value.
  • Medical Bills: Besides, medical bills may be part of your damages claim. Once you are in a motorcycle accident, the expenses related to medical care and ongoing medical care can be added up and be comprised in your case judgment. The initial accident treatment costs are included, so are the future treatments your doctors deems necessary to continue the process of healing.
  • Lost Wages: The court also grants compensation for lost wages. They also compensate for accidents that drastically change a victim’s life. When the injured victim is not able to do their previous work anymore, they can actually be compensated also for that. In other words, if one is only able to earn less than the amount he or she made prior to the accident, then the court can grant the difference in the amounts as compensation.

Are Compensation for Damages Limited?

Compensation amounts are limited to the actual harm suffered. In addition, the court will also look at the percent of each involved party’s fault to decide a judgment amount. Under California Civil Code Section 1431, accident victims are allowed to recover compensation even if the victims are partly to blame. This is known as “comparative fault” principle.

Each party will present their legal arguments and the court will determine the percentage each party is to blame for the accident. California does not actually prohibit compensation be granted to an accident victim if their own fault is more than fifty percent, much like other US states.

Motor accident lawyers work to attain as much compensation as possible that their clients deserve. Motorcycle accident attorneys treat them with compassion as well while helping them receive the fair compensation.

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