Tips For Protecting Yourself From Motorcycle Accident Prejudice

Motorcycle Accident
Motorcycle Accident
Motorcycle Accident

There is a bias against motorbike riders that tend to keep them from getting the same compensation as an injured motorist would. Some are under the impression that motorcycle riders are reckless. Many people face that bias, so if you do, do not think that it happens only to you.

Every person has a right to an opinion, but in the case of a motorcycle accident, it can be detrimental to your odds of getting just compensation. Most motorcyclists are responsible people who just wish to have a good ride and hit the destination securely, but the public perception contradicts this. Nevertheless, you can picture yourself as someone who rides responsibly and caringly. In case a motorbike accident occurs, following these tips will help you to protect yourself from any bias.

Put On A Helmet When Motorcycling

As per California’s law, you must wear a federally-compliant helmet when operating a motorbike. Wearing any helmet will not do, but it has to comply with safety standards set by the federal government. Even sellers have to follow the safety requirements.

Some standards have to be met, whether these are established under California’s motorcycle law, business law, or any other law. Doing this shows that you care for your safety, that you know the rules and the most prudent course of action for motorcycle riding.

Ride Safely

Someone could testify that you were motorcycling in a careful way and at a non-hazardous speed. The testimony could help to show that you were riding responsibly and unlikely to have brought about a motorbike accident. What you do come out as testimony, so never do anything that could be held against you, such as speeding or being unsafe in other respects.

Document The Accident Scene

If you can, record the following in written and photographic/another form, for use as pieces of evidence.

  • Weather condition;
  • Road condition;
  • The state of your motorbike, and that of any other vehicle involved in the crash; and,
  • Traffic signs and/or signals.

The aforementioned could help your California motorcycle accident lawyer to establish that the other party is responsible for the collision. The following will also help your legal representative to build a case for you.

Get Witness Details

A witness is any person present at the spot, whether or not they have anything to do with the accident. Whether there is an official police report or not, testimonies can have a significant effect on the case. So be sure to get each witness’s contact information and all other details that are pertinent to the matter.

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