The Value of Evidence Collection in a Motorcycle Accident in California

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If you ever happen to be involved in a motorcycle accident Los Angeles, it is advisable that you approach an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. This is to ensure that you recover every bit of loss that you suffered in the accident. Note that there could be more money lost that what may initially appear to you. This includes lost wages, and the crippled ability to work. Most insurance companies only pay a fraction of the actual loss. Therefore, by approaching the right attorney, you will be able to claim a valid appeal and reclaim the amount you lost.

When you consult an attorney, they would require several details about the accident as well as the opposing party involved in the accident. This is to ensure that the claim you are about to file is valid and gives sufficient reason to prove that the other party is at fault.

This is where evidence becomes crucial. Hence it is advisable to gather the following details in order to improve your chances of acquiring the settlements.

•    Police Reports

This comprises of an admission of guilt provided in a statement by the defendant. It might sound unlikely, but it does happen frequently. Such reports record the place, time, parties involved, road conditions, and the witnesses present. There might also be notes of possible injuries.

•    Photos

Photographs of the motorcycle and other vehicles is a great way to produce evidence.

•    Forensic Inspection And Accident Reconstruction

This consists of pavement damage, skid marks, tire tracks, blood stains, and vehicle damage. These factors would be closely studied before preparing the report.

•    Professional Medical Reports

Medical reports have details about your injuries and the diagnosis of the physicians.

•    Eyewitnesses

The account of eyewitnesses is of great value to the progress of the case so make sure you somehow acquire it.

Helping Your Own Case

It is possible to get all the evidence required by yourself if you happen to get involved in a motorcycle accident. After informing 911, capture as many pictures as you can. Include pictures of your injury, the vehicles involved, the roadway, and the surrounding area. In case you are too hurt, try and get the help of a bystander. Make sure you remember every detail. The phone recording is a great way to ensure this. Do not ignore anything as not important. Try to get the names of everyone involved and note these down, as it may be useful when you look for witnesses.

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