New Study Reveals the Danger Involved in Motorcycle Riding

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A new study looked at how human brain function may have an impact on the way people ride motorbikes. As per news report that came in the magazine “Reader’s Digest”, the study is published in the popular journal named “Human Factors”. It talks about the phenomenon called “inattentional blindness”, which is basically the failure of human brain to register an object in plain sight because something else was playing in the mind.

Not “Seeing” a Motorbike

This may explain why numerous motorcycle accidents, especially those resulting in fatal injuries or death, involve drivers who state they never noticed the motorbike approaching. The author of the study worked on the concept that the brain has to process lots of sensory information and that the regularity of a certain kind of motorcycle accident implies a connection with the way our brain filters out some information.

Researchers put this theory to test by asking many people to look at photographs, which had been taken from the driver’s perspective. One of those photos had been altered to include an object, which was often a taxi or motorcycle. When volunteered people were told to assess whether the photo suggested an unsafe or safe driving condition, researchers saw that there was twice as much chance for the volunteers to fail to spot a motorbike in relation to the taxi. Researchers saw similar results with subsequent experiments too. The authors of the study suggested that there is scope to use this research as a basis for the purpose of training motorists, with an aim to make them more aware of the motorbike on the roadway.

Precautions Other Drivers Should Take

Drivers have to take some steps to ensure the safety of motorcycle riders on the same road.

  • Look to the front, back, and side before making a turn or changing lanes. A majority of accidents happen when the other automobile is making a turn and misses the approaching motorbike.
  • Make it a point to use the turn signal lights. This will warn motorcyclists of the imminent turn.
  • Lane splitting or sharing is legal in the state of California. Still, give some space for motorcyclists to pass safely, and thereby avoid a crash on the freeway.
  • Avoid tailgating motorcycle riders. Tailgating is a dangerous practice, which could lead to a deadly crash.

If you or your loved one got injured in one, then get in touch with an experienced Los Angeles accident lawyer. An attorney can help you win back possible recoverable compensation for your damages from the guilty party. After all, accidents are common, and this study gives us another reason as to why they occur.

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