Motorcycle Accident Causes In California

Motorcycle Accident Attorney
Motorcycle Accident Attorney
Motorcycle Accident Attorney

One of the popular means of commuting in California is motorcycling due to the warm weather and scenic landscapes of different terrains. Because of this there is a growing culture of motorcycle riding and an increasing number of registered motorcycles. But, it is ironic that there are more serious accidents involving motorcycles than automobiles and hence far more deaths. Therefore, by learning about the different causes of road accidents, you can get better claims with the help of a motorcycle accident attorney.

Head On Collisions

More than half of all accidents involve head-on collision between motorcycles and vehicles resulting in fatal injuries. This usually occurs at signals or intersections and is deadly due to the ignorance on the part of the rider or driver. Therefore, no matter what the cause the complete responsibility is on the driver or rider.

Automobiles Making Left-Hand Turns

This usually happens when cars make left hand turns strike motorcycles or other automobiles passing straight through the intersections. Besides, this kind of accident is more riskier for motorcycles because of their smaller size and the rider is more exposed to the accident. Because of this, in many cases the driver of the car or automobile is found to be at fault.

Lane Splitting

This is riding the motorcycle between rows of moving or stopped vehicles and in 2017 a law was passed making lane splitting legal in California. Moreover, it was also found out in many researches that at moderate speeds lane splitting is safer than riding behind vehicles that can cause rear end collision because of the longer stopping distance of motorcycles. However, it can also cause accidents because the automobiles are closer to the motorcycle and hence reduced space for riding as well as the drivers are not anticipating the motorcycle to pass them by. Because lane splitting is legal in California, a motorcycle attorney can help you to get the claims.

Drunk Driving 

Last but not least drunk driving is a very common cause for motor accidents not only in California but everywhere and it can be very fatal especially for motorcycle riders. This is because drivers under the influence of alcohol have reduced sensory perception and as a result slower reaction times. Because of this they pose a serious threat to other drivers, motorcycle riders as well as pedestrians on the road. Moreover, there are many fatal accidents happening across the country due to drunk driving and because of this the damage compensation covers property damage, medical expenses, and covering lost wages.

Now that you have a general idea about some of the common road accident causes in the state of California you can abide by the rules. Moreover you can take necessary steps in case you are involved in an accident.

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