Everything you Need to Know about Motorbike Helmet Laws

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California law necessitates that everyone on a Motorcycle put on a helmet, meeting federal standards whenever the vehicle is operating. That everyone includes those who sit along with the motorcyclist for a ride. In California, a passenger who wears a helmet cannot ride with one who does not, plus a helmeted rider is ticketed when their passenger is not wearing it. Helmets have been effective when it comes to keeping fatal injuries from happening to passengers and riders.

The Federal Safety Standards on Motorbike Helmets

The Department of Transportation (DOT) sets minimum safety performance requirements for motorbike helmets, bought in America. Federal law sets the below-mentioned requirements for a motorbike helmet.

  • It must have a polystyrene foam inner liner, which is no less than an inch thick.
  • It must also have durable chinstraps fastened using solid rivets.
  • Nothing may stick out more than 2 tenths of one inch from the shell of the helmet.
  • To conform to federal standards, it should weigh three pounds at the least.

California necessitates that motorbike riders and passengers wear helmets, which meet the federal standards mentioned above.

What Does It Mean to Wear It?

Putting a helmet on your head alone will not do, but there is a way of wearing it that you should follow. Under the state law, this means the protective equipment fully covers one’s head and their chinstraps are securely attached. The fit of the helmet has to be snug, plus there should not be too much head movement inside this protective gear.

California’s scenery and climate make motorcycle riding one of the popular recreations. Motorbikes are an economical mode of transport for commuters too. However, you must balance these benefits against the motorcycle accident statistics. A motorbike rider is 16 times likelier to pass away due to a traffic collision than a trucker or automobile driver.

How Can You Reduce Accident Injuries?

Most experienced motorcyclists adhere to the following safety rules, to make accidents less likely to happen.

  • Always be wary of the passenger cars around your motorbike. There are blind spots for those motorists. You must assume that they cannot see you riding a motorbike, unless they suggest otherwise.
  • Never leave an intersection as soon as a red signal changes. Then, take a moment to confirm that the vehicles there are completely stopped for the others to leave. Negligent motorists run the red light always, so never think that other autos will halt for you.
  • If anything obstructs the vision of a motorist, an automobile driver may blindly and slowly enter a travel lane, which can be calamitous for an approaching rider. The latter must look for “blinded” motorists who roll into traffic.

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