Things to Know When Dealing with Insurance Companies after an Accident

Accident Injury Lawyers
Accident Injury Lawyers
Accident Injury Lawyers

When you are filing a lawsuit to recover money for the injuries you suffered because of an accident, you will be most probably dealing with the defendant’s insurance company. Whether it be a car accident, motorcycle accident, or any other type of accident, it will be handled by the insurance company. They will be compensating the money for the losses you incurred from the accident.

When dealing with insurance companies you have to be careful, as they will try to decline the claim or reduce the amount you deserve. They will be really good at this stuff, hence, they can easily find reasons to deny the claim. Therefore, you will have to consult good accident injury lawyers to fight for the maximum amount you deserve. Following are some things that you should be aware of when dealing with insurance companies:

Insurance Adjusters

Insurance companies will have insurance adjusters who are responsible for deciding your claim amount. He/she will be a trained professional who will be a representative of the insurance company. They give more preference to the interests of the company rather than your situation. Therefore, they will try to minimize the amount they have to pay you.

The Chance of Insurance Companies Treating you Fairly is Less

The defendant’s insurance company will try to deny the amount, especially if the defendant is fully at fault for the accident. Even if the defendant cooperates with the insurance company, they will still try to deny or delay the claim. They might also try to settle the lawsuit for an amount that is very low than the amount you deserve. Hence, it is better to consult accident injury lawyers before you settle for an amount offered by the insurance company.

The Insurance Company May Try to Avoid Paying your Medical Bills

The insurance companies might try to avoid compensating for your medical bills, stating that the injuries are a result of a pre-existing medical condition, especially if you do not go to the emergency medical care.

The Information you Divulge Can Be Used against you

Do not give any official statements to the insurance companies as they may use this information for denying your claim. Even if you are partially at fault, do not divulge it to the insurance companies, as it may reduce your claim amount.

Insurance Companies May Start to Ignore you if you Don’t Settle for the Amount They Offered Right Away

This is a delaying tactic used by the insurance companies, so don’t fall for it. Losing the documents you submitted, not returning your call or transferring you to a new agent, etc. are the common delaying tactics used by insurance companies. Therefore, it is better to hire accident injury lawyers for making calls on your behalf.

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