The Things you Should Know about Accidents Involving Electric Scooters in CA

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Several business people are experimenting with a wide range of ways to solve California’s ever-growing traffic issue. Electric scooters can give an environmentally sound, affordable and convenient means of transport for fast travels in urban places. However, accidents that involve these automobiles are increasing, which in turn caused more litigation concerning these kinds of accidents.

Many things determine how severe these accidents turn out to be, including the ones mentioned below.


Riders can operate electric scooters at up to 15 miles per hour, which is enough to bring about an accident with minor-to-severe injuries. Speed is just one thing which influences the extent of damage in this kind of an accident.

Scooter’s Size

You cannot tell from its size the extent of damage which an electronic scooter can cause. The result may be more severe than what you might think. You cannot easily be spotted or solidly fill an entire traffic lane on this auto, which makes the chance of a collision that much likelier. Visibility has been an issue for motorcycle riders and bicyclists, who are bound to be on public roads. However, these scooters are an uncommon phenomenon on city streets and are smaller. City streets are a relatively new place for automobile drivers to be familiar with even today.

Safety Gear

Those who ride such scooters tend not to wear helmets, let alone other things for safety, to keep injuries from happening should an accident occurs. Unlike the motorbike helmet law, California does not have a specific law that necessitates people above a particular age to put on a helmet when operating their electric scooter. When those on their scooter run into others, they are unlikely to be having protective gear on their body parts.

Electric Scooter Riders

To circumvent the busy traffic, several scooter operators will choose to move into traffic, move between and out of it and then back. It will be a continuous cycle of movements when you are on a long ride. Riders will occasionally ride up onto the sidewalk to reach where they are heading slightly quicker, assuming that they will make it. It is unfortunate that this puts pedestrians and motorists at risk. There is another risk of a trip and fall accident due to riders leaving behind their scooter amid a walkway.

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