Safety Tips For Lane Splitting In California

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Lane Splitting Rules

California is the only state in the entire US that made lane splitting legal. Through lane splitting, motorcyclist can bypass the traffic congestion and avoid the risk of having to stop behind a stationary vehicle. Motorcyclists can move between rows or lanes of slow moving or stopped traffic that travels in the same direction. But you have to be careful during lane splitting, as reckless lane splitting can lead to motorcycle accidents.

Careless lane splitting can cause accidents; in this case you might need the help of motorcycle accident attorney to file a lawsuit against the person who caused the accident. So be careful when you split lane in order for you to stay away from trouble. Following are some safety tips that will help you during lane splitting in California.

Be aware of the mirrors

Mirrors of other vehicles can be a real threat while lane splitting. If you are not careful enough, they can knock you down. So before you lane split, make sure you have enough space to pass between vehicles.

Be ready to take action fast

While lane splitting, it is important to keep your hands on the break and clutch gears, as you should be ready for an immediate reaction. There is a high possibility for someone to pull in front of you unexpectedly, so you have to be extra careful to avoid accidents.

Choose a channel and stay there

It will be risky if you switch between more than two lanes. So choose two lanes and move through the channel between these two lanes.

Try to avoid the Botts’ dots

It is difficult to avoid raised reflectors and Botts’ dots, but try to ride beside them. There is a high possibility for them to unsettle your bike, especially if you are moving at a slower pace. It is important to take extra care when it’s damp or slick out, because their traction is less than the pavement.

Don’t ride through the paint

There will be a solid painted line to mark your roadway. Don’t drive on it any longer than needed. Paint is another factor that reduces traction. You might slip away.

Don’t ride parallel to uneven pavement heights

Some time you might encounter with uneven heights in the pavement. There may be a new pavement in one lane but not on the adjacent one. This will leave the channel itself in two different heights. So use a different channel until the repaving on the channel is finished.

Lookout for other drivers popping into the channel

There will be heavy vehicles that will prevent you from seeing ahead of them. So you might not be able to spot a motorcyclist sliding in front of them while getting on the channel. So be most careful in such cases.

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