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Motorcycle injuries are alarmingly common in the state of California. There are plenty of instances where riders get into accidents with four-wheel vehicles, where the latter struck them without the other driver even being aware of their presence. For a recovering motorcycle crash victim, even medical insurance may not cover their losses. This often leaves riders with a financial challenge, which in most cases is bad for their recovery.

There are many ways in which a victim can recover the damages which they incurred. While an insurance company backing them would offer coverage, they would also be professionally obligated to limit the amount they give out to their customers. This would victimize the injured person twice over, or at worst, jeopardize the stability of a surviving dependent if the rider died in the crash. In each case, it is essential to have competent legal representation to make sure your losses are compensated. We at the law offices of Joseph Y. Avrahamy are aware of the demands of your situation, and fight on your behalf to make sure you get what is yours by legal right.

Out-of-court negotiations or litigation often prove too much for recent crash victims to handle by themselves. Our attorneys can take over for you, and bring to bear their considerable expertise in this area of practice. If someone else’s negligence caused your injury, you would be eligible to file for compensation towards a wide range of damages as stated by law. Some, most, or all of this could be monetary, which would ease your situation to an extent, aside from ensuring you receive justice.

Your insurance company may try to pass off as your friend, but being genuinely that, goes against the nature of their jobs. Insurance works on the principle of minimizing the money handed out to customers, and your insurer is almost sure to use tricks aimed at making you settle for a low amount. Our lawyers can make sure that does not happen, and that instead, you get the maximum compensation which you are owed in the particular case, whether or not it goes to trial.

We uphold the belief that motorcyclists deserve equal respect and courtesy to any other kind of motorist on Californian roads. We have defended numerous clients who have had reason to believe they were wronged, and achieved favorable compensation for them both outside and inside the courtroom. Call us now to get a free evaluation of your case.